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About Us | High-Tech Digital

About Us

How our customers and principals benefit from High-Tech Digital


We are technical and doing technical sales very well. 

We therefore:

  • Understand our customer application so know products we sell inside out. Excel in helping customers fit our products to their applications.

We have done design engineering and system integration work. 

We therefore:

  • Speak the same language as our customer contacts, i.e., engineers, programmers, R&D managers. We have also published technical papers, made technical conference presentations, designed and assembled computers, written a textbook, taught at a university.

We have:

  • Been leaders in product design and development, products similar to ones we are currently selling. We have very long relationships with manufacturers of the products we sell and know in person their key technical and managerial staff.

We therefore provide our customers with:

  • Excellent and prompt technical support and know when and how to request help from any manufacturer that we represent. We sell highly synergistic products where one customer is likely to be interested in two or three manufacturers that we represent for one system he/she is developing. 

This “cross-pollination” :    

  • Gives us better expertise in helping customers select right components for their system.
  • Helps in customer support efficiency.
  • Has built-in extra sales lead generation where product A can generate a lead for product B. We are in this for a long haul as evidenced by the fact that High-Tech Digital, Inc has already been in business for 29 years. Most of our principals have worked with us for over 10 years. The only way to survive this long is to provide outstanding customer service day in and day out. Like famous Greek philosopher Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, it is a habit.” We know we are excellent in what we do.