We offer Optec solutions.

  • High performance SWIR lenses
  • Five channel dichroic prism

Founded in 1985. Optec’s customized development for many Industry sectors, represents the engine of high standard solutions.

Optec is always driven by its dedication to serving Customer needs and by its commitment to producing quality products with high performance, with particular reference to optical sector. Optec’s standard and custom products are a result of experience in imaging applications. In the beginning, Optec provided only lenses, now they offer complete integrated systems. By providing the complete system, Optec is able to optimize system performance rather than just individual component performance. Optec has been a key manufacturer when collaborating with Aerospace and Imaging sectors as they continually make efforts to focus on research.

For index of all volumes you can visit the SIOF publications page, at http://siof.ifac.cnr.it/pubblica.htm (index is in Italian).

Optic is a service organization with a proven record of successful performance.

For more information, please visit Optec’s website